What is the current product offerings?

  1. Skill Enhancement Program for College Students includes: Spoken English , Computer Literacy , Personality Development , Required sets of Competitive Exams.
  2. For 1st to 4th Semester - covers : Spoken English , Computer Literacy.
  3. For 5th and 6th Semesters : Spoken English , Computer Literacy , Personality Development and 20 Sets of Competitive Exams.

What is the student learning process? How it is structured ?

  • Student has to have Tablet PC , DigyWood provides the contents for the respective Semester.
  • Spoken English and Computer Literacy programs have the Practical Sessions. Student has to complete the respective theory(digital) lesson before attending the Practical session.
  • Student has to complete the tests before attending the practice sessions.
  • Score card information is available for Tests and Practice Sessions , to monitor the progress of the student.

How the Practice Sessions are conducted ?

  1. App is available on Tablet or Laptop to conduct the Practical Session/ QA Session to be used by Faculty in the DigyClass.
  2. Faculty needs to conduct the Practical Session / QA Session :
    • In case of Spoken English , there would be two sessions. One session for Word Usage and Grammar. Another session for the Communication English.
    • In case of Computer Literacy : One session for each lesson to provide hands on experience on Computers. Assumption is that Computers of the College would be used for this.
  3. Faculty to record the performance of each item. And same is avaialble for the Analytics on the performance of the student.