DigyTMS for Coaching Centers


Practice Test Units

Practice Test Units enables aspirant students to score well and to be successful. There test units are with well designed content and easy to use mobile app / tablet app. Student has option to use existing smart phone or to have Anroid Tablet. Student can use and learn anywhere anytime and with fascinating analytics.

Flash Card Units

Flash cards always provides ease of learning process. These flash cards are well designed by experts.Flash Card functionality of DigyTMS gives greater synergy to learn and to master the subject at ease. Finally if student spends more time, more skill is gained.

Assessment Test Units

Assessment Tests provides one of the most effective learning process and creates greater synergy among the students aspiring. With DigyTMS more tests can be conducted with less efforts. Assessment Test functionality instill utmost competition among the students. DigyTMS provides instant performance of the batch along with effective analytics. With this , Coaching Center faculty can conduct effective review session and enrich the students with required knowledge. DigyTMS enables Coaching Centers to have more selections./p>

Examinations Covered

SSC Tier 1 Exams

Covers latest question papers of CGL , CHSL with abundant explanation for each question.

IBPS Exams

Covers latest question papers of POs and Clerks with abundant explanation for each question.

Upcoming Exams

We have road map to take up more and more areas

Significant Features

Mobile APP

DigyTMS works with 5.5" Android Smart Phone or 7" inch MicroMax Tablet. Off-line mode gives greater flexibility to the student to learn anytime and anywhere. Student can use the DigyTMS without internet connectivity provided required data is downloaded using Local Server ( without INTERNET connectivity ) or from the Central Server.

Awesome Analytics

DigyTMS provides extensive analytics at every stage to trigger competitive spirit among students. These analytics help the student. And also helps Coaching Center to identify the non-performing students and trigger improvements. Analytics provided for Assessment test is useful to the coaching center to assess the overall health of each batch and to take corrective actions on day to day basis

Seamless Flows

DigyTMS for Coaching Centers provide a seamless flow. Students are expected to have learning process , self assessment process , using flash-card-units and practice test units. Student can practice till he or she reaches level required and to be ready for the assessment test conducted by coaching centers. On conducting the assessment tests , effective analytical information is provided to conduct review sessions. Analytics provided would help to identify the non-performers and trigger corrective actions. Thus ,this seamless flow helps students to succeed and coaching centers to have better success rate and to have more admissions at coaching centers.

DigyTMS is an awesome solution for aspiring students and to the coaching centers.

This solution provides lot of enablers to succeed and to get selected.