DigyTMS for Colleges


Practice Tests & Flash Cards

Practice Test Units enables students to practice anywhere and anytime to score well. These test units are with well designed content and easy to use mobile app or Android 7" inch tablet. Student can use and learn anywhere anytime. This has fascinating analytics for self assessment and comparison with the group.

Flash Card Units always provides ease of learning process. These flash cards are well designed by experts and Flash Card functionality of DigyTMS gives greater synergy to learn and to master the subject. Finally, if the student spends more time on this , more gainer and better performer.

Assessment Test Units

Assessment Tests provides one of the most effective learning process and a creates greater synergy among the students. With DigyTMS more tests can be conducted with less efforts and instill utmost competition among the students. DigyTMS provides instant performance of the class along with effective analytics. With this faculty can conduct effective review session and enrich the students with required knowledge. Ultimately DigyTMS enables to have required skills among the students , which is the need of the day.

Q & A Sessions

Question and Answer Sessions designed to instill good communication and presentation skills. QA Sessions , in other words daily VIVA Session makes to the students to prepare on continuous basis. These sessions are to prepare the students for their future interviews. Continuous track on Communication , Presentation Skill and Knowledge gives immense scope to identify areas of improvement for each student. This triggers corrective actions, makes student bright and will be in a position to get the desired employment.

Subjects Covered

All the Subjects as per the course would be covered. Implementation would be in phased manner so that new processes are integrated into the existing academics without disrupting the current flows.

Significant Features

Mobile APP

DigyTMS works with 5.5" Android Smart Phone and above or 7" inch Lenovo tablet. Off-line mode gives greater flexibility to the students to learn anytime and anywhere. Students can use the DigyTMS without Internet connectivity provided required data is downloaded using Local Server ( without INTERNET connectivity ) or from the Central Server.

Awesome Analytics

DigyTMS provides extensive analytics at every stage to trigger competitive spirit among students. These analytics not only helps the student. And also helps education institution to identify the non-performing students and to trigger improvements. Analytics provided for Assessment test is very useful to assess the overall health of each class(section) and to take corrective actions

Seamless Flows

DigyTMS provides a seamless flow. Students are expected to have learning process , self assessment process , using flash-card-units and practice test units. Student can practice till he or she reaches level required and to be ready for the assessment test conducted by faculty. On conducting the assessment tests , effective analytical information is provided to conduct review sessions. Analytics provided would help to identify the non-performers and trigger corrective actions. QA Session followed by Assessment tests gives vital synergy. Thus ,this seamless flow helps students to succeed and colleges to have better success rate.

DigyTMS is an awesome solution to aspiring students and to the education institutions

This solution provides lot of enablers