What to focus for Jobs by Students

Employers looks for three attributes. (1) Skill or Knowledge (2) Communication and (3) Personality. All the three attributes are equally important. If any one is missing or lagging behind , such candidates would find difficulty in getting employment.

Important Attributes

Skill or Knowledge

Skill or Knowledge for the Job is essential. Employer does not wish to have elaborate training , grooming of the new recruits and then place them onto the work. Every employer looks for the employee to deliver as early as possible. Based on the area that is preferred , student should spend time and efforts to acquire the skills related to work.


Communication plays vital role in getting selected. Better communicator would get better employment. Communication is not only important to get selected for the job , but also plays vital role at every stage of the career of the employee. Communication has two aspects : Language and Presentation.

Language : Student should put conscious efforts on gaining vocabulary at desired level along with the grammar. Vocabulary plays a role in using the appropriate words which can be very effective and articulate ideas and expressions. Grammar plays a role to convey to the other end what is intended to convey.

Presentation : Conveying ideas with cohesiveness makes much difference. Better communicators gives lot of importance to starting , body of the message and conclusions. This gives much clarity to the other person or persons receiving the message.

Building language and equipping presentation skills requires good amount of time and efforts to prepare. Better to start this activity as early as possible. Don’t plan to prepare for this just few days before selection processes. Better to start the day of joining onto the college or as early as possible. First step is to assess the level and prepare plan for the preparation. For example : Each day 5 Words to learn , one aspect of grammar and to write 100 words write up on any current topic. Present the topic to the friends and have feedback.


Having appropriate personality is essential at the selection level and at every level of the employment and even on daily basis. Having good team player spirit , positive outlook and proactiveness are few important aspects employers would look for at the time of selecting the employee. One should not plan to prepare for the Personality development just before the interview. Personality should be inherent trait and not the trait to express at the time of interview. There are various methods available for HR to assess whether you have all the required traits ( Team Player , Positive Outlook and Proactive ). Allocate everyday 30 minutes to 1 hours. There are good books and YouTube videos available. Read or watch and try to induct those required traits onto your inherent strength. Personality can be changed with conscious and continuous efforts. Again personality change would not happen overnight. Initiate as early as possible and start implementing.

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