Advice to Students appearing for Competitive Examinations

Students appearing for competitive examination needs to be very smart. It is not their performance alone counts , it is others performance. Hence , candidate needs to perform better than others. That means better preparation is required.

Important Aspects

Time Management

SAvailability is not unlimited. Candidates needs to utilise the time optimally. Prepare time table to study based on the examination that is pursued. Be practical in planning. Keep a window for relaxation. One has to be very strict with relaxation window. It should not get extended beyond planned time.

Review and Recap

It is not that how much you have studied. It is important how much knowledge you have acquired. Hence keep a required amount of time for self assessment , review and recap.

Food and Sleep

Having healthy habits makes you to be energetic. You need to keep your energy levels very high. If you are tired and keep studying would not give you optimal results. It is always better to have required food and also required sleep. Make sure you are having good sleep for 8 hours. Try to have balanced food. Balanced food means , carbohydrates along with required proteins and nutrition.

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