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DigyWood Ads

Effective eyeball grabber

Graphics and Video Modes

Easy to launch promotions

Suitable for Daily offers

Branding and Promotion

Very cost effective

DigyTMS for Coaching Centers

Effective and Easy to Coach

DigyTMS provides excellent window to instill desired competition amoung the aspiring candidates through the well designed dashboards.

DigyTMS For Colleges

Excellent self assessments

Flash cards for easy learning

Continuous Assessments

Well designed QA Sessions for the interviews

DigyWood Ads

DigyWood Ads Service provides advertisement platform , an unique service, to get the attention from the general public when they are in waiting mode. Catching the attention of the person , when the person is free , is the main key aspect.

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DigyTMS - Coaching Centers

The DigyWood TMS ( Talent Management Services ) has been designed keeping in view of all the requirements of the modern Coaching Centers Institutes of today. Nowadays, owing to the advanced technology, digital leaning is the preferred mode of learning. To make learning effective and economical, DigyWood brings together the technology and conventional mode of imparting education.

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Software Development

Digywood provides stat of software development services to match the current days requirements. Software development processes adopted at Digywood gives distinctive advantages in terms of reliability and cost.


Digy Promo provides great opportunity to showcase the products and services. Using this a showroom can publish their offers and services avoid spending on printed material. This gives great flexibility to change the offers and services based on the market trends. This is very cost effective.

DigyTMS Colleges

DigyTMS of Colleges is a unique solution , gives synergistic path to the students to be on learning mode anywhere and anytime. Not only the place and time , this framework gives the path to be on learning mode on continuous basis. There by STUDENT is prepared and made ready on continuous basis to grab the Job Opportunities. This instills positive synergy for self learning and be competitive with at most positive spirit.

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Consulting Services

Digywood provides consulting services on technology front as well as on domains. DigyWood provides the resourcs on fixed price basis and on T & M Basis.

Role of Digital Technologies