Consulting Services

Samcomm offers an end-to-end consulting partnership, providing comprehensive business and technology services. It would enable SME enterprises to improve process efficiencies; optimize costs and meet risks. We help to define IT architecture; and manage their transformation process avoiding COSTLY resources to help extract maximum ROI. These services are delivered by consultants with deep domain expertise in the areas of business transformation.

We are currently offering :

a) BFSI CoE Services (CoE)
b) Analytic Services for IT Companies ( ASIS )

BFSI Competency Enabling Services (CeS) :

BFSI domain provides the highest IT spending worldwide. Gartner predicts that the SecondLevel IT firms would increasingly provide services due to cost, quality and speed. Typically, setting up BFSI CeS for an IT organization would be a challenge in terms of Cost, Quality, gestation period and ready-to-market.

Samcomm provides a cutting edge services to achieve the objective with minimal risk. Samcomm has pool of techno functional consultants to support your marketing activities in BFSI Space, so that you can increase competency and revenues using our services. Some of the areas are : ATM , Credit Card , Trade Finance , Treasury , Cash Management , AML-KYC , GRC , Core Banking , FAS , Channel Management , Alternative Channels ( Internet Banking , Mobile Banking ) , Core Banking Application Management , etc., ,ITIL.

Following key services are provided :
Practice Management Support :

a) Strategizing Practice
b) Energizing Service Portfolio
c) Domain competency building

Pre-sales support Service :

a) Solution / Service offering
b) Enquiry Response
c) Market research

How it Works :

When you have an enquiry , based on the specialization required , we line up the consultant to support you. The consultant would provide the services to respond the enquiry in terms of providing inputs to Service Offerings , Structuring , Proposal , Scope of work , etc. Based on the number of hours worked , consultant would submit the timesheet at the end of the month. We consolidate all these time sheet together for the services provided for the enquiries attended by various consultants and submit for the payment. Thus you would have optimal expenditure to respond to enquiries and increase the probability of getting more and more projects/assignment.

a) Determine the current state of Organization.
b) Pay-as-you use contract for above acitivites.

Your Benefits:
a) Availability of Consultants with experience in Tier I Banks and IT organization.
b) Availability of Specialists in cutting edge Business Knowledge and Technical Domain.
c) Pay-as-you use of these costly services instead of.

Analytic Services :

Samcomm provides analytics services as one of the prime consulting services.

We are now offering pre-configured solution forfor IT Services companies, the Top Managementwill be able to get an insight into its Profitability and more importantly Projections. Various dimensions like profitability,productivity, verticals and Geography would help Top Management to take correct Decisions Pro-actively.

The pre-configured flexible solution with support from proven field experts enables companies see the results quickly and increasing their ROI. This compares much favourably to the estabilished products & services both in terms of cost, quality and time.

The solution is scalable to any size.

Samcomm provide business and technical knowledge to achieve this goal. This model would give you to have optimal investment leading to better ROI to drive the business into the desired direction of growth and profitability.

How it Works :

a) Samcomm with their expert would do a detailed study to arrive at the important KPIs.
b) The pre-configured solution would be measured for the gaps.
c) An implementation plan would be drawn.
       a.Collection of raw data.
       b. Loading of cleansed data.
       c. Generation of reports.
       d. Expert comments by our expert.
       e. Submission/Presentation of the report.
d) The cycle would be followed at an interval as arrived at the requirement stage.

Some Important KPIs :

Revenue/Resource utilization

√  Past and future trends ( BU, Geography, Competency, Customer, Resource, Tariff, Location )
√   Selling and General Administration (SGA) resources required to generate a unit of revenue

Billing :

√ Rates realized and projected in future for various combinations of BU/Geography/Competency     /Customer/Location

Customer :

√ Past and future trends on performance
√ Revenue , Profitability , Resource deployment
√ costing
√ Customer acquisition
√ Rates realized location-wise/type of business-wise

Profitability (Past and Projected for current financial year and beyond)

√ BU-wise , Customer-wise , Project-wise , Resource-wise

Contribution of an individual resource/group of resources

Resource :

√ Exhaustive analysis and past and future trends on unbilled resources
√ Trends for SGA resources

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