nCampus offers far and wide features to benefit the education community. The InPalm, one of its recent innovation grand device works wonders by functioning hand in glove with the InCampus portal. InPalm is built for a faculty to upload the data confined to classroom activity. The dashboards are uniquely been created to cater every authority in place, students and even parents.

The HOD dashboard is akin to Principal dashboard with excellent options to monitor the syllabus coverage of any faculty to their assigned sections and the attendance percentage of students confined to individual segment of any class. The student dashboard helps him throw a quick glimpse of the marks scored, the attendance rate and assignment commitments.

They can compare performance rating with automated graphs which portray the data in store for a student to understand his overall progress thus urging him to actively compete and improve. The marking of attendance, test marks and assignments were easy and produce guaranteed results. The much hyped syllabus tracker tracks the syllabus hitherto covered by a faculty thereby thrusting him the responsibility to wind up faster in accordance to the alloted time slot. The notice boards capture live details of the upcoming institution activity or any important information required for a student to follow suit. The e-learning facility assists a student to study online. It consists of copious resources to meet the student knowledge requirement.

» .NET Development Tools

We offer an extensive range of technologies that proves in every sense a class apart for evolving sharp solutions to cater every emerging requirement.


ASP. NET, Ajax, Atlas, Web Parts, C# 2.0, Web Services , VB.NET.

Legacy Tools

VB, Clipper , FoxPro.


SQL-Server 2005.

Development Platform

Windows 2000 / XP , Windows Server 2000 / 2003.

Our unflinching support continues to keep our software at the forefront of the IT industry.

» Java / J2EE Environment

Operating System :

Windows and Linux

Framework :

Struts Framework , JSF

Database :

DB2 , MYSQL , SQL Server 2005

WebServers / App Servers :

Websphere , JBOSS , Tomcat

Language :

Java , PHP

Open Source Tools :

Zencart, Drupal